Normally, students compare their marks with others. In the educational institutions, the toppers compare with the nearest and feel tension. Such students should know that they have to compete mainly with other institutions, not with class mates. To improve themselves, they need to make team work with classmates.

Here is a story for you,Read and Adapt in your life

Hare & Tortoise in a New get up!


Once, there were Hare and Tortoise in a forest. They were working as a Software Engineers. They constructed a two floor building and living happily.

They got four days holidays for Sankranti. One day, the Tortoise felt bore and asked the Hare to come for running race.

Hare: 'with you'!?!

Tortoise: Please, for time pass.

Hare: Said ok, with a smile.

(It felt that, Tortoise nothing before me,î I am very fast, I need not care, I surely win the race).

Tortoise: Ready, One.... Two.... Three.

Hare sat there itself for some time and asleep. Tortoise ran steadily, and won the race.

Moral: Politeness and steadiness wins the race


The defeated Hare took bath and food, and thinking about the race, why this defeat? Took a hammer which had a soft rubber at one end, and touched the head lightly for three times... got the answer.

Yes, I was defeated because of ego and unsteadiness.

Next day, it pressed the Tortoise calling bell. Tortoise came out, Hare asked it to come for second race.

Both wore running shoe,

Ready, One... Two... Three.

Hare is steady and fast and won the race.

Moral: Fast and steadiness wins the race

Step 3:

Now the turn came for Tortoise. It was thinking with peaceful mind, and analyzing for answer.

Hare moves fast Birds Fly Spider builds beautiful Web Human beings.....Invent so many things! ..... Discovered so many things! ..... How beautiful, they draw figures! ..... How beautiful they paint!

What about me!?! Is there any talent in me? Used hammer three times. Yes, there is..!

Next day, Tortoise called the Hare for third race. Hare came with a surprise, how can it win? Failed to guess.

Race started, Ready, One. Two. Three.

Tortoise loudly shouted stop...stop! Hare trembled and asked Ö.. Why?

during the past two races, we ran towards the East. For variety, let us move in the North direction? Ok... Ready, One... Two... Three.

Hare was steady and moving very fast, but stopped suddenly with a fearful heart. There was a big river with deep water.

Hare had no knowledge about swimming. Then it understood the Tortoise plan.

Meanwhile, Tortoise reached the river, jumped into the river, crossed the river and came back to the starting point, Oh! Tortoise was the winner.

Moral: Core competition wins the race (citation needed)


Lastly, Hare thinking,

First time: Tortoise won and took 90mts, to finish the race, Second time: I won, took 30mts. Third time: Tortoise won and took 90mts.

Every time one of us defeated and took much time. Is there any idea to win both.

Yes, there is an idea, An idea changes our lives, Hare called the Tortoise for fourth race,

Ready, One... Two... Three.

Tortoise started to move, but the Hare picked Tortoise, put him on it's shoulder and ran in the north direction. When they reached the river, Hare sat on the Tortoise back, both crossed the river and came back to the starting point, within 15mts.

Wonderful! Both won and took little time.

Moral:Innovation & team work wins the race (citation needed)

* When you carry team work with your friends *