In many families there is a disturbed environment between parent and children and wife and husband. Parents sacrifice their lives for children and transferring their assets too. Wife and husband share so many. Children feel a lot about their parents.

‘But why the disturbed relations?’.

Today youth feel that parents are their property, we can use their lives till the end. The family is not a place for discussing one’s rights and responsibilities,it is a place for sharing responsibilities and enjoying the rights.

Parent’s Feelings:

  • Children are adamant
  • Disturbing us with bad habits
  • Wasting time with TV/Computer games/Friends
  • Demanding money
  • Neglecting studies
  • Not bothering about future
  • Involved in love affair
  • Do not help in family matter

Children Feelings:

  • Always control, No freedom
  • Daily tell same suggestions
  • Talk only about marks and education
  • Daily quarreled
  • Ask us to away from the bad habits, but they can’t
  • They like love, oppose in our case
  • Always feel tension about our future and put us in tension

Read this story

Once upon a time there was a famous poet Bhavani. His poems attracted the people very much and they praised him a lot. Whenever, some body praised his son, father commented, Bharavi, a child in poetry, need not to praise that much.

Bharavi became hurt; it happened again and again. Bharavai felt that,” father was envious about my poetry”, so, to get fame, father must be killed.

Bharavi prepared a plan in the mid - night to murder his father. He had selected the kitchen, where father took food in the morning and climbed to arrack with a big stone. He would like to throw the stone on his fathers head.

Ready, one… two… mother started conversation with father, Bharavi hearing.

Mother:‘Bharavi was unhappy’

Father: What happened! He was a good poet, no problem with money, What happened, asked out of anxiety.

Mother: You only the cause.

Father: me!?!

Mother: Yes, you were always passing negative comments, while somebody praising our son.

Father: Laughed loudly,’ Don’t be silly’. Whenever, I used such words, the people will say, “no, no, Bhavani was a great poet.” If we also praise, people laugh at us.

Mother: I didn’t’ think like that….

A big sound….father afraid of and started to run, but somebody pulling his leg, look down, Bhavani caught his leg; there was a big stone adjacent.

Father: What all this!

Bharavi: Father you were lucky, if mother did n’t start conversation, you might have killed.

Father: what!?!

Bharavi: Yes father, I misunderstood you, give me a punishment.

* Think, whether you understand your parents properly *

Responsibilities of Parents and Children

Parents Children
Shall give good education Read well
Shall provide food,clothing & shelter Shall Look parents in old age
Shall look after health Follow Parent’ssuggestions
Shall maintain peaceful home environment Don’t create problems
Shall teach good habits Learn good habits
Shall share love & affection Share love and affection
Shall give money Don’t waste

Wife-Husband Quarrels

Disputes are common in families. If there is no adjustment between wife and husband it becomes a battle ground. Petty things are cause for many quarrels but the loss is more. Some of them are given here;

Wife feelings Husband feelings
Dominating Dominating
No value for my word No value for my word
Admonishing my parents Admonishing my parents
Don’t give money for needs Waste money
Growing distance after having children Strained with duty
Do not ask while purchasing something Always not possible
No roll for me in children matters Just feeling

Other causes

  • Bad habits
  • Illegal contacts
  • Health problems
  • Financial matters
  • Sex problems

* Family is just like a flower, if parts separated, loses it’s beauty *