"Health is more than Wealth"

From the Goal setting, we understood that the life goal must be Healthy, Peaceful and Successful life. At present, there are mainly three medical treatments under use. They are

  • Allopathy
  • Homoeopathy and
  • Ayurveda

one of these three systems, Homoeopathic system explains the relation between mind and diseases. So, it is briefly presented here. Browse the related sites for remaining Medicinal Systems.

Homoeo Medicine System

Opinion of Mahatma Gandhi

"public can rightly tell you about it efficacy but however it is the latest and refined method of treating the patient economically and non- violently. Government must encourage and patronize it in our poor country. Late Dr. Hahnemann (Founder of Homeopathy) was a man of vast saving of human life having an unique medical nerve. I bow before his skill and the Herculean and Humanitarian labour he did. His memory wakes us again and you are to follow him, let the opponents hate for the existence of the principles, practice of Homeopathy which in reality cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and it is beyond all doubt safer and more economical and to be most complete medical science."

Benifits of Homeopathy

  • Smooth cure
  • Natural cure
  • No side effects
  • Quick result (conditional)
  • Cheapest medicine
  • Specialised medicine for Psychological problems
  • Even babies prefer to take medicine

Some of the Curable diseases using Homeopathy

Normal fevers Dengue Chickungunya Malaria
Viral Swine flu Flu Typhoid
Asthma Skin Diseases Piles
Fistula Fisher Colds Coughs
Heart problems Eye - problems Ear-problems Tonsils
Nose-problems Teeth-problems Menses problems Sciatica
Waist-pain Back–Pain Sugar BP
Liver diseases Kidney-problems Urine problems Fears
Amnesia Homesickness School phobia Suicidal
Suspicions Indiscipline Odd behaviors Delusions
Depressions Anxiety Stress Insanity
Sexualdiseases Head-ache Migrainepain Platelets

Post-operational side effects Allopathic side effects
Diabetic gangrene& amputations All types of Traumatic conditions
All types of Post-Traumatic conditions Various psychological problems

Steps to deal Psychological problems

  • Consult Psychologist for counseling
  • Still, problem persists take Homoeo medicine
  • If the behaviour is uncontrollable and harmful, consult Psychiatrist

Some people directly using sedatives for simple behavioural problems. Once, the medicines are used, it is difficult to live without medicine till the end of life and suffer with serious side effects.


We are suffering mainly from two types of diseases. They are

1. Acute diseases

2. Chronic diseases

Acute diseases

  • Acute meaning starting suddenly
  • Lasting for only a short period of time
  • Patient suffering is high
  • It has a rapid beginning, rising and declining stages.
  • The disease may be cured by the body it self or some times need medicine.
  • Motions, Fevers, Cold etc.

Chronic diseases

  • Chronic, a slow progression of imbalances being treated by allopathic suppressive medicines turning into further and further complications.
  • As the disease lasts it goes deeper into the human mind and physical body, even years go by without let-up.
  • These diseases also have a beginning and rising stages, if medical treatment is not given, patient dies of the disease.
  • Ex. Asthma, BP Problem.

German physician Dr.Samuel Hahnemann (Father of Homoeopathy) first stated the basic principle of homeopathy in 1796. After careful observation and study, Hahnemann reached the conclusion that there is an obstacle in the organism that cannot be fought with medicines or the healthiest diet or disappear by itself. He named this obstacle a "MIASM". The word miasm means infection, stain, dirtiness, and blotch ( Loukas, 2005). Hahnemann thought that the life power is infected by certain factors and that this infection creates the disease. He observed three miasms and the fourth one added by JH. Allen. The conditions that would modify a miasm in a persons body are climate, peculiar and physical character, mental stress, excesses, or abuses, diet, habits and various customs.

The miasms are

  • Psora
  • Sycosis
  • Syphilis and
  • Tubercular

These four miasms are the base of every disease. Any disease hatever its external symptoms are, can be found in a miasm or in a combination of the above miasms.


The mother of all diseases goes back the farthest in human history. Psora or "itch" is the monstrous internal chronic miasm, the only real fundamental cause and producer of all the other numerous forms of disease. If we leave the itch body cures naturally. When suppressed with medicines vital power, subsequently mind get polluted. This state can be called Psora.

Psora has passed on through hundreds of generations of people and has produced an innumerable variety of defects, injuries, derangements, and sufferings. Some common ailments attributed to the psoric miasm include constipation, psoriasis, wide ranging itching, burning ailments, leprosy and other skin related symptoms.

Associated Features

  • easily tired from exertion both physical and mental
  • lack of confidence
  • internal restlessness
  • insecurity
  • dissatisfaction
  • sensitivity and anxiety about the future
  • many varied dreams
  • hypersensitivity
  • selfish
  • doubts about his ability
  • optimism
  • despairofrecovery
  • functional pathologies
  • greed
  • never well since flu,infections,parasites,sprains and injuries
  • adapting to change


It is caused from impure sex relations (other than wife). It is created by suppressed gonorrhea and passed to next generations. It is also caused by a primary infection that is suppressed by antibiotic treatment. When the skin disease suppressed with medicines miasm develops. Some common ailments are abortion, anemia, appendicitis, pelvic disease,arthritis, asthma, eczema, rheumatism.

Associated Features

  • high weakness
  • jealous
  • suspicions
  • fixed in habits and traits
  • fits of anger
  • less active and more reserved than the psoric
  • Physically show hyper reaction
  • ritualistic behavior
  • fear of being exposed
  • always washing their hands
  • fear before an examination
  • hormonal imbalances
  • timidity
  • nail biting


It is also caused from impure sex relations (other than wife). It is created by suppressed syphilis and passed to resulting generations.

It can be caused by a primary infection that is suppressed by antibiotic treatment. Some common ailments attributed to the syphilitic miasm include ulcerations of all types, gangrene, insanity, Sterility, heart disease, suicide, self destructive tendencies.

Associated Features

  • a strong pessimistic view of life
  • sudden impulsive violence
  • rigid ideas
  • Restless mentalspell
  • depressed
  • suicidal
  • complete hopelessness and despair


This miasm can be created by suppressed tuberculosis and is passed from one generation to the next or contracted primarily and suppressed by antibiotic treatment. The Tubercular miasm is a combination of psoric and syphilitic miasms and as such is much more complex and lethal than either of these alone. Some common ailments include hernias, swelling, bed wetting, some cancers, diabetes, some types of cough, epilepsy, chronic fatigue, influenza, malaria, insomnia.

Associated Features

  • racing against time
  • suffocated
  • compressed
  • burnt out
  • going towards total destruction
  • dissatisfaction with their lives
  • craves change
  • cannot stick to one thing
  • needs new things all the time
  • wants to experience everything before they die
  • stealing
  • early deaths

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Loukas, D (2005) The tubercular miasm,

*Health is more than Wealth *