Though, the homesickness seems to be a simple problem, for the sufferers, it is a life and death problem. There are several causes for this problem.


  • New environment
  • New to the hostel
  • Much distance from the home
  • Scoring less marks
  • Disliking teachers
  • Tough subjects
  • Exam fear
  • Lack of proper goal
  • Lack of interest in studies
  • Stress
  • Somebody Teasing / Ragging
  • Family problems
  • Love affair


  • Spoils studies
  • Career may not be good

How to overcome

  • There are so many ways to overcome.
  • Remember, it is a temporary feeling
  • Think for a job, you should leave the home
  • Think, after marriage you need to away from home
  • Set a proper goal
  • Visit home frequently for some time.
  • Make good friends
  • Think your future
  • Don't bother about studies for few days
  • Keep mood happy
  • By hearing Music

* Don't spoil your career,you are able to overcome*