Some Human Behaviours

Some important Fears & Phobias

Fear of bathing darkness noise
heights open high places insanity
open spaces being in crowd sexual abuse
cats chickens garlic
dust walking amnesia
looking up men women
wind anger flowers
people or society being touched spiders
numbers thunder and lightning stars
space asymmetrical things everything
forgotten failure gold
being dirty being alone flying
microbes stairs steep slopes
depth frogs books
plants body smells ugliness
newness beautiful women meat
sitting hospitals new things
hair cold snow
bats dancing money
colour time food
confined spaces being locked in puppets
fire an enclosed place stealing
going to bed crystals or glass computers
bicycles waves dogs
making decisions demons crowds
going to school drinking skins of
animals crossing streets accidents
home mirrors electricity
freedom insects dawn
daylight teenagers horses
work hearing good news fever
marriage laughter sex
crossing bridges growing old blood
speaking in public crawly things long words
the opposite sex names water
fish clouds rooms
sitting down cockroaches death
empty spaces Vegetables speaking
lawsuits music dead things
metal memories moths
ants rivers of running water

Some Anxieties

While alone While angry Anticipating an event
With fear ful dreams Ascending steps In bed
About children Ringing temple bells While closing eyes
Coffee after In group Guilty of
Conversation from Hearing cruelties In darkness
In friends house About future In home
While hungry Menses with strangers
Before sleep While speaking During storm

Some Types of Indiscipline

Abusive Amorous Shamelessness
Antagonism Fault finding Cunning
Quarrelsome Dictatorial Stealing
Lieing Immoral Idiotic
Untidy Feign sickness

Some Suspicions

Everybody enemy People hide all from me
People insulting me People doubt at me
All talking about me Other mesmerized me
Some body calling me Some thing comes from corners
Buildings fall while walking on the road Life threat to me
Life threat from family members Devil within me
Time came for death Every thing is dirty
I have an incurable disease I may die with heart problem
People feel that I am mad Husband not mine
Husband neglecting me Every body watching me
Some body at my back Somebody in my room
Being poisoned Thieves in home
Faithless Wife Wife may desert

Some Weaknesses

Money Power Sex
Family Talkative Laughing
Stealing Lies Praising
Horoscopy Superstitions Fashions Boasting

Some Food Aversions

Banana Bread Butter
Sweets Cabbage Cereals
Cloves Coffee Boiled eggs
Egg smell Fruits Garlic
Ice Lemons Milk
Mother milk Orange Pepper
Pickle Potato Any Food
Spices Sugar

Some Allergies

Dust Scent cool climate

* Check your behaviour *