Life driving

Our body is nothing but a machine, working based on the electromagnetic forces. To drive this machine, we need proper training.

To drive a motor vehicle, we need the following

  • Driving license
  • Training
  • Unlock the vehicle
  • Starting the vehicle
  • Horn
  • Signal lights
  • Knowledge about traffic rules

If we do not have training in vehicle driving, accidents may occur, and sustain injuries. Similarly, if you have no knowledge in driving life, we/others/both may hurt. You may have to face problems.Think that, to drive a motor vehicle with a simple motor, we have to satisfy many things. The human body is equipped with a most complicated mind. It is a difficult ask to predict its magics. Compared to the vehicle driving how much care we need to drive the life?

For life driving, we need the following:

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Knowledge about
    • See Life value
    • See Body value
    • See Time value
    • See Body process

* Do you know the life driving? If not, let us learn *