Life value

Read the following story and decide your life value.

One day, a student asked the principal,

What is the value of life?

Principal asked the student to come to his room. Then he gave a stone and asked the student to try to sell it to his relations.

Next day, the student came to the principal and said that no body would be willing to purchase and throwing the stone away. The principal consoled him and asked to approach the vegetable vendors.

On the next day, the student told happily, someone at the vegetable market ready to pay Rs.100/-.

Then the principal asked the student to go to a jewellery shop to know the value of the stone. He further cautioned the student to go with friends.

The shop owner surprised to see such a valuable stone with the students and enquired of the principal for confirmation. Then the owner said to the students that I can pay Rs.5.0 lakhs.

The students shocked and ran to the principal room. The principal said that, you had asked me about the value of life. In our society, there are three types of people.

First category

Don't know the life value, just waste their life.

Second category

Know the value of life to some extent, get some job, give birth to children, and deeply involve in family affairs, ultimately dead.

Third category

Those who really understand, use the life for discharging responsibilities, do good for society, ultimately reach the heights in life and become 'Mahatma'.

* What is your life value !?!*