"Loveless body is a Lifeless body"

Check,if you have a lover

  • He/She has a Sacrificing nature
  • Your love is unconditional
  • He/She is Faithful
  • He/She is Loyal
  • He/She has no demands
  • He/She has a Patience
  • He/She never hurts
  • He/She doesn't desert
  • He/She is a humanitarian
  • He/She has no fear

If their answer is yes for at least six statements, accept love

"Don't Love Raggers"

Now Read the love story of Dimpa and Vebh

Vebh proposes to Dimpa. She has also interest, but not responded.

Vebh : How many days I have to wait?

Dimpa: What for?

Vebh : Don't test my patience.

Dimpa: Cool Saroja, one week back, I have prepared to tell, but on the same day, I have attended a personality development class.

Vebh : Ok! What happens?

Dimpa: One psychologist has come from Acharya Nagarjuna University and put Three Questions before the audience for discussion.

Vebh : Which Questions?

Dimpa: First you should have patience to listen and analyze.

Vebh : Ok! Ok!

Dimpa: First one; When to love?

Vebh : No, meaning, we have watched number of movies, in those movies even the primary school children fell in love. We are already at 20.

Dimpa: Please think, Psychologist has told that, even though there is a love proposal, we should not involve seriously until getting a job. I feel it is quite reasonable.

Vebh : Ok.

Dimpa: I have one doubt.

Vebh : Tell

Dimpa: If your parents do not accept, what will you do?

Vebh : Simple, we can run away from the parents.

Dimpa: I don't accept.

Vebh : Why !?!

Dimpa: My parents have sacrificed their lives for me. Though the financial condition is not good, they have paid fee etc; and expecting better future for me. I can't cheat them.

Vebh : My parents also good?

Dimpa: In such a case, is it humane to desert them in the name of love? You may do the same in my case also, for your personal interests.

Vebh : No belief !?!

Dimpa: That is not the matter.

Vebh : Ok, Ok, tell me the psychologist is second question.

Dimpa: Nice, what for the love is?

Vebh : Silly Question.

Dimpa: I am serious.Vebh: Cool, Cool

Dimpa: Psychologist told love is for better half.

Vebh : Of course.

Dimpa: When we become made for each other?

Vebh : By understanding each other and with adjustment.

Dimpa: How?

Vebh : You don't know? I have already understood.

Dimpa: What?

Vebh : Yes, we together have seen many movies, swallowed number of ice creams, eaten pizzas, etc.

Dimpa: That is not the way of understanding.

Vebh : What else!

Dimpa: We should share our feelings and emotions.

Vebh : What is the use?

Dimpa: For example, if both of us have high angry, how will be our family life? Within few months we get separate. Even habits are not matched it become difficult for us to live together.

Vebh : I agree,what would you like to do?

Dimpa: So, I would like to take some more time to accept your proposal.

Vebh : Oh! I can't wait, Ok, tell me third question.

Dimpa: How to love each other?

Vebh : It is too much. Love is blind, it is spontaneous, and there are no methods.

Dimpa: Cool Saroja! Love should be like the parents love. If love is blind life become blind. Parents love is not for something, it is spontaneous, they are ready to sacrifice everything, including their lives.

Vebh : How fine it is ?!?

Dimpa: Yes, if both of us have such a love, we get separate only after death.

Vebh : Beautiful, I think now onwards, meanwhile, a kiss please.

Dimpa: Cool Saroja, cool.

* What about you *

Bio-chemistry of love

Studies in neuroscience have involved chemicals that are present in the brain and might be involved when people experience love. These chemicals include: nerve growth factor (Emanuele et al.,2006) testosterone, estrogen, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, and vasopressin (Zeki, 2007))

Adequate brain levels of testosterone seem important for both human male and female sexual behaviour Dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin are more commonly found during the attraction phase of a relationship.

Oxytocin and vasopressin seemed to be more closely linked to long term bonding and relationships characterized by strong attachments.


  • Emanuele E, Politi P, Bianchi M, Minoretti P, Bertona M, Geroldi D (2006). "Raised plasma nerve growth factor levels associated with early-stage romantic love". Psychoneuro endocrinology Vol. 31(3),PP.288ñ94., 10.1016/j. psyneuen. 2005.09.002. PMID 16289361.
  • S. Zeki in FEBS Lett. (2007), The neurobiology of love", Vol. 581, PP. 2575-2579. PMID 17531984.

* Don't forget, Love is only the part of Life *