How to prepare for the Exams

Do you want good marks? If yes, read the following and adapt them

Throught the year

  • Listen the lessons with concentration
  • Try to understand the subject
  • Ask the teacher about the doubts
  • Write running notes
  • Revise the topics as far as possible
  • Write the tables
  • Practise the figures
  • Practise Hand Writing
  • Use key sheet Method for Essay Questions
  • Write definition
  • Write side headings
  • Note important words against each side heading
  • Write the tables
  • Practice the diagram
  • By heart this key sheet

Liking subjects Causes

  • Easy to learn
  • Good teaching
  • Genes
  • Opinion formed
  • Inspiring teacher

Some students read only liking subjects and neglect others subjects. Though they get good marks in interested subjects, they loose marks in others.

Disliking subjects Causes

  • Feel tough
  • Unable to understand
  • Poor teaching
  • Opinion formed
  • Hatred towards subject teacher

For securing good marks, students should take care of these subjects, other wise they loose marks.

Tough Subjects Causes

  • Opinion formed in the lower classes
  • Discouraged by Teacher
  • Poor teaching
  • Difficult to understand
  • Genes

Students should spend more time on interested subjects, other wise their grand total will be affected.

One month before Exam

  • Allocate the time for all the subjects
  • Give more time for tough subjects
  • Give more time for Disliking subjects
  • Try to Recall the material
  • Follow the Time Table
  • Practice meditation every day
  • Take sufficient rest/sleep every day

Two days before Exams

  • Read only for the first Exam
  • Revise learned material only
  • Do not try to learn new material
  • Take sufficient rest every
  • Do not eat / drink cool foods
  • Remember that you can work hard but you can't decide the result
  • Always be in happy mood

On the day of the Exam

  • Stop the preparation at least one hour before the examination
  • Get ready to go to exam centre with all the required material(Pen, Pencil,Eraser etc.)
  • Do not discuss the subject with friends
  • Enter the examination hall, 20 minutes before the exam time

In the Examination hall

  • Practise meditation for 5-10 minutes
  • Write the Registration number legibly
  • If any correction, take the Invigilator Sign
  • Follow the Invigilator's announcements carefully
  • Do not keep any objectionable material with you
  • Do not write any on the pad / hand / bench, the squad may book you
  • Read the Question paper slowly and carefully
  • Start with easy question
  • if the question paper is tough, donít worry, it is also tough for others
  • Use the last page of answer booklet as rough page
  • After completion, check the Question numbers
  • If time is sufficient, verify the answers

After the Exam

  • Don't discuss the mistakes
  • Take food and minimum rest
  • Plan for the next exam

After completion of all the Exams

  • Feel that, I have done my duty
  • Result is not in our hands
  • If you have a doubt about good total, plan your future as per that.

After knowing the result

  • If you get the good result plan for future
  • If you get a poor result forget it and prepare for getting better result in the next course
  • If you get a failure mark in some subjects, don't worry
  • Education is only the part of life. Get ready to face next exams.
  • Don't bother about Parents harsh remarks, but read sincerely for future Exams.

"* Wish you all the success*"