Time value

Do you know your Time Value? If not, calculate now!

If we live for 100 Years,No of days in your account (approx)36,500 days

1-20 and 71-100 (50y)(At least 20y for education,71y to 100y difficult to work) 18,250
Sleeping 1/3 of remaining 50y 6,083
Eating, Toilet, Bathing, 1/8 of 50Y 2,250
Enjoyment (TV., Cinema,Gossip, Phone), 1/8 of 50Y 2,250
Diseases(1/8 of 50Y) 2,250
Total 31,083

The remaining balance is 5,417days

From the above data, we can understood that, if a person lives for 36,500 days (100 years approx.), he/she has 5,417 days time approximately for self development. So, what is the value of one hour?

* Please think of your Time Value *