What must we know?

Parents teach various words - Mother, Father, Cat, Dog etc. The children learn reading, writing and about environment in the school. They appear for the exams many times, get degrees and take training for improving interview skills and job skills.

The question is - If we gather all the books from LKG to Ph.D. and refer them, can any page answer the real life problem?

At present many children:

  • Growing without knowing 'the value of Parents'
  • Growing without knowing 'the value of siblings relation'
  • Growing without knowing 'the value of Teachers'
  • Fall in love without knowing, what is it?
  • Getting married without knowing 'meaning of marriage, wife and husband'
  • Giving birth to children without knowing 'how to grow them'
  • Driving the life without knowing 'how to drive'
  • Spending time, without knowing 'the value of time'
  • Using the body without knowing 'its value'
  • Leading life without knowing 'what the life is?'
  • Die, without knowing 'what the death is?'

To understand these, one should know himself/herself *

Do You Know Yourself?

A student should know the following:

  1. 1. Education
    • What are the hurdles?
    • What are the solutions?
  2. 2. Health
    • What are the problems?
    • What are the solutions?
  3. 3. Personality
    • What are the Positive and Negative aspects?
    • What are the solutions?
  4. 4. Career
    • What are the difficulties for having good future?
    • What are the solutions?
  5. 5. Life
    • Why this life?
    • How to use it?

To asses yourself answer 'Know Yourself' Questionnaire

Advantages of knowing yourself:

  • Can understand 'why we are getting fewer marks?'
  • Can know 'precautions to be taken'
  • Can understand 'what are the causes for health problems?'
  • Can know 'precautions to be taken'
  • Can understand 'what are the Positives and Negatives in personality?'
  • Can know 'precautions to be taken'
  • Can understand 'what are the hurdles for getting a good job?'
  • Can mold ourselves as a
    - Good student
    - Good daughter/son
    - Good person
    - Successful Person

* Know Yourself and get the advantages *